DeployStudio Guide 2.0

DeployStudio has established itself as the premier, free tool for creating, customizing and deploying images. Initially, you may find all the features of DeployStudio a bit overwhelming. However, it is a comprehensive well-thought out solution for customizing and deploying images either locally or across the network. DeployStudio can assist in the creation of single, dual and triple boot Macintosh systems. DeployStudio can also be configured to run locally from a hard drive.

This guide will concentrate on setting up a private network based deployment of images to multiple machines simultaneously. However, many of the concepts discussed are relevant to utilizing existing DNS and DHCP servers at your deployment site. Other hard drive-based cloning alternatives for deploying OS X include Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper and others. DeployStudio documentation is sparse, which is the motivation for creating this guide.