Admin & Runtime

  1. -localization step to setup the default system language and keyboard layout,

  2. -show password button added to AD, OD & firmware security tasks.


  1. -when creating a DeployStudio NetBoot set on a Mac OS X client, the user is invited to enable the NetBoot service (and DHCP if needed),

  2. -options to make the new NetBoot set the default one and/or remove the other ones from the disk. These options appear only when the Assistant is running on the NetBoot server.

Runtime PC

  1. -ability to enter a description when creating a new disk image,

  2. -updated Linux kernel and ramdisk.

Bug fixes


  1. -directory binding scripts superfluous error message removed,

  2. -directory binding infinite loop when passing an IP address instead of the server name,

  3. -restoring a NTFS volume size that has been shrunk during the disk image creation process.


  1. -searching masters and packages.


  1. -postponed script helper path.


  1. -DeployStudio NetBoot set builder fixes to add Mac OS X 10.6.5 and 10.6.6 support.


  1. -DeployStudio Server installer updates automatically compatible DeployStudio NetBoot sets found on the local disks. If none of your NetBoot sets are compatible, you’ll need to create a new one using the DeployStudio Assistant application shipped with the release you have installed,

  2. -DeployStudio requires Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6 since rc121. Use rc20 for 10.4 support.