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#1 2017-12-05 17:37:43

Registered: 2017-08-01

? Folder after High Sierra Reboot - Where to deploy Firmware in workfl

I have some MBPs that after running the work flow it boots to the flashing ? folder. I know it's the firmware and I'm trying to find out where in the workflow I can deploy that firmware in the process to make it happen under one action? I've tried post install package and that doesnt work. Do I have to build it into the installer with AutoDMG?



#2 2017-12-07 20:54:48

Registered: 2010-02-04

Re: ? Folder after High Sierra Reboot - Where to deploy Firmware in workfl

If you are trying to upgrade a system that had a pre-10.13 OS on it to 10.13, you are going to have get the firmware upgraded before deploying 10.13.  If the system still has a working OS, you can just create a workflow that simply install the FirmwareUpdate.pkg.  If you have a system with a non-working OS or blank drive, you will need to first deploy something like 10.12.6 autodmg follow by the FirmwareUpdare.pkg.  Then you will need to follow that with your 10.13 deployment workflow.  Essentially, it requires two workflows to do an "upgrade" due to the necessary reboots that need to take place for the firmware update to execute.

That is how I am handling it anyway.  If anyone knows a more simplified process, I'm all ears.


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