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[2017.09.08] DeployStudio build v1.7.8 (checksum, release note).
[2016.08.26] DeployStudio build v1.6.19 (release note).
[2013.02.23] DeployStudio last universal build v1.5.17 (release note).

#1 2017-12-07 20:34:36

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1.7.8 w/ 10.13 NBI - Workflow Sleep

Not sure if this a known issue, but it appears that if the workflow takes more than X minutes ... I'm guessing around 15 or so, I haven't timed it ... the system is going to sleep.  This is with a 10.13 NBI.  If the system goes to sleep, the workflow pauses and won't continue until the system is "woken up" again.

I can provide more specific information if necessary but just wanted to see if anyone else has seen similar.  I am considering adding in file to the NBI to see if that would make any difference.



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#2 2017-12-12 16:12:26

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Re: 1.7.8 w/ 10.13 NBI - Workflow Sleep

I've been seeing the same behavior, and it's been driving me batty.  A couple of our workflows are a little over 12 minutes, and they seem to go to sleep just after 10 minutes or so - I haven't timed it exactly, but they are pretty close to the end.  Wake the computer up, and it finishes just fine (even when sleeping overnight).  Booting off external USB NBIs, 10.13.1. Been too busy to troubleshoot more than remaking one to make sure I didn't overlook a new energy saving setting in 1.7.8's DS Assistant.


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