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#1 2017-08-10 19:18:20

Registered: 2014-03-10

Communications Error Connection Invalid

I can neboot without a problem.  I am using multicast.  At the point of starting the restore it fails with Communications Error, Connection Invalid.

I cannot find anything that would indicate what is happening?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


#2 2017-08-11 08:47:29

From: Delft, Netherlands
Registered: 2008-09-02

Re: Communications Error Connection Invalid

Multicast is known to be problematic. In fact, most users I have spoken do not use it. It only works on some specific macOS versions (for the server, see readme of DS) and is most effective in separate networks with only the DS server and the deployed targets. (like classrooms with 30 iMacs on a (V)LAN).
There are many things that may cause the restore to fail, it takes hours to test each setting. so I would suggest to start with a unicast , to see if restoring works (image OK, HW compatble etc).
This way you can start deploying.

If you want to do multicast then check:
-type of image you restore (compressed or not?) (re-scanned for multicast) (re-run setup assistant to see settings)
-multicast rate (depends on CPU/SSD/HD of server, CPU/SSD/HD of client, Size of image, type of network, brand of switch, other network traffic,...) typically 15% of theoretical rate is a good starting point (15 MB/s for Gigabit ethernet)


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