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#1 2017-06-09 09:20:29

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Allowing iCloud Setup at login

I remember a few years ago when Apple introduced the iCloud login popup at first login for any user.
This was an annoyance at the time and suppressed by a later Deploy Studio release.
We would like to allow this popup as in our Sierra tests we have found iCloud to be excellent for our students who want to sync to the cloud.
I cannot find how DS achieves this and have not been able to allow iCloud login apart from manually in System Prefs.
If anyone knows, please post here. Kindest regards.


#2 2017-06-09 19:16:55

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Re: Allowing iCloud Setup at login

This/these settings are in the of the logged in user's Preferences.
Walk through a login to a generic macOS install, then examine the

I don't know which setting is the one you are looking for specifically, but if memory serves, add them to the file that resides in /System/Library/User\ Template/Non_localized/Preferences/ for them to apply.

There is some question in my mind as to whether these are set as numeric values (0 or 1), or -bool (true or false).

I think these are lumped into the DeployStudio workflow Configuration task as a single toggle, "Skip Apple Setup/Server Assistant".

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