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Target Selector + Script = Boot Volume lost

I don't completely understand the cause for this, but, it is happening.

Currently I am setting up a process to do the following:
Launch Netboot
Run Workflow X
Workflow X Runs - Target Selector, 7 scripts, ASUS tool, Firmware Password tool (Scripts include: Removing software, setting new admin password, Installing Root Certificate, setting the boot volume)
Workflow X reboots
Laptop cannot find boot volume.

The only reason why I have the boot volume script, is because this process hasn't been working with or without it. The way that I am finding that boot volume is with the following script:

echo " - v0.1 ("`date`")"
# Get Volume
VOLUME=`mount | grep hfs | grep disk0 | cut -c 17- | cut -d " " -f1`
echo " Setting Startup Disk to ${VOLUME}"
#bless --mount "${VOLUME}" --setBoot
echo " - end"

(this was pulled from here:

When this script runs in netboot image, it finds the proper boot disk and says it has set it.
I assume this has something to do with bless, but, this is going to be problematic and was looking for some assistance. The laptop in question can be either 10.11 or 10.12 it is not OS dependent - the netboot image is 10.12.2.
When running bless within the netboot image or when manually selecting the boot drive, it says:

"Can't determine parent media, for /dev/disk0"

From the testing that I have done, it seems like the firmware tool breaks the boot volume unless it is being run after a restore, if it is bring run on a target disk/volume then it (or the bless command) fails. Now, if I run the firmwarepasswd tool from the command line within the OS or via a shell script, the laptop reboots fine afterwords.


After four hours of debugging and trying to figure out what is going on, I am still lost.

I removed the entire work flow, and started from scratch, I went through the process of selecting "Target Selector" + "Generic"
After rotating through each script, every single script caused the boot volume to be "lost" with a folder and ?

Has anyone else experienced this? 10.12 or 10.11?

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