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#1 2017-02-16 16:03:26

From: NC-USA
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Delay in waiting for NBI to come up on "to be" reimaged laptop

Recently, our school just updated our DS server to 10.12 (macOS Sierra) w/ DS 1.7.5 and now when reimaging student computers there is a long delay for the NBIs to show when netbooting. This started happening after the upgrade to OS Sierra and is rather annoying. Eventually, the freshest NBI does appear on the "to be" reimaged laptop and works just as it should. Is anyone else having an issue such as this? Will updating DS to 1.7.6 fix the issue? The image is of OS X Yosemite I believe. UPDATE: Here are the versions for macOS server: 10.12.3, DS: 1.7.5, and the NBIs: 10.10.5 / 10.12.1. If the services that handle netbooting are turned off on the server then both NBIs will show up instantly on the laptop to be re-imaged and then subsequently turned back on. If there is an ordinary netboot (with the option key) done, then there is a 3 to 5 minute delay on waiting for the two images to show on the computer to be re-imaged.

UPDATE: I found this in the service log of NetInstall on the server: Please switch to XPC or bootstrap_check_in(): First off, what the heck is XPC? Lastly, could this be what is causing the delay for the netboot set images to show on the device to be re-imaged?

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