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#1 2016-11-30 02:52:28

Registered: 2011-07-12

Battery Drain/Overheating issues on MacBook Pro

This summer, I rolled out a fleet of 13" retina MacBook Pros.  These were the last of the models with HDMI, USB A, Thunderbolt 2, SD card, etc.  They were all imaged with DeployStudio to El Capitan.  The problem is that some of them will not properly go to sleep.  If you close the lid, throw it in your bag and pull it out a few hours later, the battery has significantly drained and the machine is incredibly hot.  If you leave it in your bag overnight, it's dead as a doornail in the morning.

I imaged many, many other machines (Airs of different years, sizes and models) this summer with the same workflow and those were all fine, just the pros were impacted.  I now have 3 of the new 2016 Pros (without touch bar) and I'm seeing the issue there too (again, same DS workflow but these machines are on the latest release of Sierra).

I've done the usual PRAM reset and SMC reset.  I've installed the latest macOS combo update.  I've adjusted all the power settings I can.  I'm not sure if this is directly related to imaging with DeployStudio or not, but thought it was worth posting here in case anyone else has seen this issue.



#2 2016-11-30 13:46:26

From: Delft, Netherlands
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Re: Battery Drain/Overheating issues on MacBook Pro

DeployStudio will have almost nothing to do with this issue.
The only thing DS may do is deploy the wrong version (build) of macOS, which normally results in non-booting, but I have seen issues of bad wifi, bad graphics and maybe even sleep to.

But my gut feeling is that is has to do with 'bad' apps that refuse to go to sleep for two reasons:
First because the MBP13 (2015) is supported by the 10.11.0 installer, so any El Cap image should support this MacBook (unless you used a special build used for a specific Mac to create the image, but that is very rare)
Second because I have the same MBP13, and have seen this too, and this MBP is never imaged.

Use activity monitor, see the which app is not good for sleep (app nap and prevent sleep colums) and test.
see for explanation


#3 2016-11-30 15:48:00

Nathan Fisher
Registered: 2014-08-13

Re: Battery Drain/Overheating issues on MacBook Pro

I've had that issue with my macbook pros before, I know the pain of getting where you're going, pulling out the laptop to find it HOT, OFF, and battery DEAD.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to troubleshoot it and never really found a solution.  The best defense is to verify the computer has gone to sleep before stuffing it into your bag.  Quite a few times I've shut a lid and picked other things up, looked at my computer, and its light is still on solid.  Open the lid and nope, it's not asleep. Usually closing the lid for another try rarely is successful.  Often then shutting down is ALSO unsuccessful, stalling at a spinning gear at some point.  Then I have to simply force it off and stuff it in the bag and hope it boots up when I get where I'm going.  Unfortunately, all the new computers don't have a pulsing sleep light anymore.

It's hard to say for sure if this is a software or hardware bug.  But if it's only happening for SOME of the computers you've imaged, then the DS software is unlikely to be the cause.  It'd be a lot more consistent than that.


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