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#1 2016-10-21 14:40:15

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External disk - icloud registration


I'm new to DS so I hope my questions are not silly.
I've read doc here and on a bunch of forums/blogs/tutorial and can't find for sure.

I've got 81 Mac Mini to deploy for 11 schools.
What I wish to do is to boot on a disk, install a master (MacOS Sierra and a few apps like libreoffice, scratch and so) with some preferences (dock, wallpaper, ...).
Then i wish to name the machines, and register AppleID (iCloud, iTunes, AppStore).
As each school will have less than 10 MacMini I wish to use one AppleID by school.

I've installed MacOS Sierra on an external drive, installed DS on it. As I understand I need to prepare one of the MacMini (apps, preferences, ...) then boot on the disk, run DS Runtime to run the WorkFlow to create a master. On the others I will then boot on the external disk and run the workflow to restore the master. Is these steps corrects ?

Then is it possible to use Script to enter the AppleID on each machine, or will it automatically used the same as on the masterised machine ?
Then do I need to remasterise for each school or can I just use a script ?

(If I can have enough room/screens/power to connect MacMini for one school in the same time to a dedicated Lan with my machine as a server and then use netboot, will it be the same or any change for the AppleID part ?)

Thks a lot for your help



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