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#1 2016-07-30 02:09:30

Registered: 2016-07-26

Adding Secondary IP to DeployStudio

I work for a department at a university, and my colleague has set up a DeployStudio server last year.

Our department has labs located on two floors. We support two subnets; don't ask me why, it's been inherited from a previous tech. Last year, my colleague has set up a Netboot on the server. I've only began testing it out, about six weeks ago. On the upper floor, there are computers where some are on one subnet and the rest on the other. On the Mac (we are a Mac shop), when I boot via the option command and then choose the server, they successfully log into DS just fine. However, on the lower floor, on one subnet things work normally. On the other, the globe cannot be found.

I have been working with someone from campus IT for the last several days, who has been investigating switch access, among other things. Today, he wanted to know if the Mac Mini that I'm using as the DS server was capable of operating with two IP addresses. I told him that I've never knew that it could be done, so I added it. With his help from the back end, the second IP became active. I then booted one of the iMacs that's on the non-working subnet on the lower floor, and the globe was found. We were happy to see it, and I took a lunch break and decided to test after I return.

So I returned, booted, chose the globe that is our server. It held for a few seconds to where I could not move the mouse (kinda expected), and with no globe, proceeded to boot up normally, and up came the OS X desktop already on the computer. Just to check to see if it's consistent, the same result happened on another Mac on the lower floor with the non-working subnet.

My question is: might there be a setting in DS Admin that I need to do to accept a secondary IP? If so, what must I do to make that happen? Would it be there, or the OS X server? I only added the secondary IP in System Preferences-->Network.

Thanks for reading!


#2 2016-11-28 18:56:23

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Re: Adding Secondary IP to DeployStudio

You can def do it.  I work at a college as well. And we have two VLANs, academic and admin, with MACs on both. You need to setup Virtual interfaces and statically code the IP addresses, subnet, router, and dns servers. Then Turn off the the ethernet port.  Then in each VLAN interface, make sure the Tag is specified for the correct VLAN.


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