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#1 2016-07-22 14:42:21

Registered: 2016-07-15

Multiple Master Deploy Studio Servers

I will have some assistance with imaging with a remote office in India.

My master server sits in NYC, Is it possible to have a multiple master instance with deploy studio, so a tech in india and a tech in nyc can upload an image to a master and replicate images to multiple offices?

Thanks for any information.



#2 2016-09-12 07:03:01

Registered: 2014-05-28

Re: Multiple Master Deploy Studio Servers

Hi Andrew,

What you can do is disable 'disk image' sync in the DS Settings and use another method to replicate the masters between servers.

I am currently testing BOX Sync to do this for the same reason's as you.

I am in Australia, and have a team in Taiwan adding a master. Whoever adds a master to their local DS is then uploaded to "INSERT CLOUD PROVIDER HERE" then down to each of the other DS Servers.

I have been using this method recently to send packages to new DS Sites, as uploading 35GB to BOX over local internet link is more efficient that trying it over our WAN.



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