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#1 2015-12-23 02:28:02

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Ideal hardware to use for DeployStudio?

I am looking for the fastest / easiest way to re-image 10+ MacBooks at a time which has led me here. What would be the best hardware setup to achieve this?



#2 2015-12-23 09:01:43

From: Delft, Netherlands
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Re: Ideal hardware to use for DeployStudio?

only 10 MacBooks at the same time? than you can use any Mac with 4GB+ RAM a gigabit ethernet card.
If possible I would recommend an SSD, but not required.
Most prefer a Mac Mini because of it size, and low energy consumption.

So I suggest to look in your stock of older Mac's because CPU is hardly important.
When you do not plan to serve many different images, disks (SSD) of 200 GB+ can be enough.
To give you an idea of disk usages:
The system takes 20GB, an NBI 2.5 GB,  a simple AutoDMG image is 8 GB, an image of Mac with Office, iLife, etc can be 35 GB.
On my server I have 3 nbi's, 3 small images (<10GB) and 3 large images (25+ GB), total 125 GB in use.

For example: I expect a MacMini 2010 (maybe even the 2009 model) with SSD to outperform the latest iMac 21.5" 2015 with HD.

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#3 2015-12-23 09:13:50

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Re: Ideal hardware to use for DeployStudio?

Hi Schiedam, thanks for the response. I have to reimage many more than 10, I just picked a bit arbitrarily I guess. It would certainly be a lot faster than doing them individually.

How long (approx) would the Mac mini w/ssd setup take to reimage 10 macbooks? (With a 20gb image for instance)

Size doesn't really matter to me as there is plenty of space and nothing will be moving except for the macbooks being flashed. The most important thing I guess would just be speed & ease of use, then cost & lastly size.

Again, thanks for your reply and useful insight.

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Re: Ideal hardware to use for DeployStudio?

It's complicated.

If you can use multicasting on your network and have 1Gb/s available and are literally 're-imaging' using a monolithic image then the imaging will take about 10-20 minutes independent of the number you are doing. The real bottleneck will depend on how (netboot, create second partition, USB drives, etc.) you choose to get a large number of machines to boot prior to imaging. IME servers max out at starting to netboot more than about a dozen machines simultaneously. Measure the time a single machine takes to netboot and then boot them in a sequence at intervals of roughly twice that and you should be able to image at a sustained rate of one MacBook per minute or two. In practice, that's probably faster than you can unpack them.



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