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[2017.09.08] DeployStudio build v1.7.8 (checksum, release note).
[2016.08.26] DeployStudio build v1.6.19 (release note).
[2013.02.23] DeployStudio last universal build v1.5.17 (release note).

#1 2015-08-12 15:57:17

Registered: 2009-03-23

Enhancement? Sort "Packages" group names in left pane of DSAdmin


This could just be our install of Deploystudio, but we use Packages groups *a lot* and they never seem to sort logically in the left-hand pane of DeployStudio admin console. They're certainly not alphabetical, nor chronological.  Any tips on whether we can do anything ourselves, or if it needs a bug fix?

Also, whilst I'm here: the fixed width of the left-hand pane in the DS_Admin console means that some of our Packages group names wrap onto two lines, and the second is obscured by the group below...

Any help gratefully received


Oh, and we're running 1.6.12 - I can't see fixes for these issues in the changelogs of the most recent versions, but I suppose they could have been listed as UI fixes.


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