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[2017.09.08] DeployStudio build v1.7.8 (checksum, release note).
[2016.08.26] DeployStudio build v1.6.19 (release note).
[2013.02.23] DeployStudio last universal build v1.5.17 (release note).

#1 2013-09-25 20:45:13

Registered: 2013-09-25

OS X extended attributes - Argument list too long


I am using DeployStudio as both a back up and imaging system. I am encountering some problems when backing up some systems using the `disk image` task. It appears that the version of hdiutil that DeployStudio is using does not like the extended attributes on some of the files that are being backed up and this causes an error.

I know it's the extended attributes that cause this because if I try to cp or mv any of these files inside DeployStudio Runtime I get some form of the error (though the command still succeeds in copying or moving the file without the attributes):

 processing extended attributes: Argument list too long 

I am not sure if there is anyway I can work around this error. At this point I am running a preprocessing script that looks into select folders, moves the files over to some temp location and then moves them back! This gets rid of the attributes and hdiutil doesn't complain anymore! Here is the log file of one of these systems. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


DeployStudio Runtime
DSCore.framework version 1.0rc135 (b121112), Copyright 2012 The DeployStudio Team.
MAC address: 00:26:b0:df:a8:9a
Network address: (macbookpro-0026b0dfa89a.local)
Network interface speed: AUTOSELECT (1000BASET <FULL-DUPLEX,FLOW-CONTROL>)
Operating System: Mac OS X Version 10.6.8 (Build 10K549)
Date: 13/09/25 14:21:20
The user 'mkohram' was successfully authenticated.
Connected to server (1.0rc135)
Checking server reachability ( port=548) ...
Mounting repository share point...
/bin/mkdir /tmp/DSNetworkRepository 2>&1
/bin/chmod 777 /tmp/DSNetworkRepository 2>&1
/bin/chmod 777 /tmp/DSNetworkRepository 2>&1
Mount call...
Parsing result...
Checking repository content...
Checking host firmware version
Macintosh serial number: W89486R67XJ
Macintosh model: MacBookPro5,4
Boot ROM version: MBP53.88Z.00AC.B03.0906151647
Firmware ok!
Running workflow: 'Create a master from a volume' (04062220-1111-BBBB-2222-000000000000)
Generic task action:
/tmp/DSNetworkRepository/Scripts/ 2>&1
-> Generic task action completed.
Task successful (elapsed time: 0.00 minutes)
/usr/sbin/diskutil info /Volumes/machd 2>&1
/usr/sbin/diskutil info /Volumes/machd 2>&1
Image action:
'/Volumes/machd' used: 15204.2 MB
'/Volumes/machd' free: 233861.2 MB
'/Volumes/machd' free: 233861.2 MB
'/tmp/DSNetworkRepository/Masters/tmp' free: 25348.5 MB
/usr/sbin/diskutil info /Volumes/machd 2>&1
/usr/sbin/diskutil enableOwnership /dev/disk0s2 2>&1
Filesystem user/group ownership enabled
Setting boot device to '/dev/disk0s2'.
Too much fragmented catalog risk? YES: src_vol_sys=10.8, used space < 32GB (15.2GB)
"/Applications/Utilities/DeployStudio" -preimaging /Volumes/machd 2>&1
Running v1.20
Exiting v1.20
/bin/rm -f /Volumes/machd/0006_machd_13.09.25_14.33.i386.hfs.dmg.sparseimage 2>&1
/usr/bin/hdiutil create -fsargs "-c a=16384,c=8192,e=1280" -uid 0 -gid 80 -mode 1775 -format SPARSE -fs "Journaled HFS+" -puppetstrings -srcfolder /Volumes/machd /Volumes/machd/0006_machd_13.09.25_14.33.i386.hfs.dmg.sparseimage 2>&1
Progress: 2
Progress: 8
Progress: 14
Progress: 20
Progress: 26
Progress: 32
Progress: 38
Progress: 44
Progress: 50
Progress: 56
Progress: 62
Progress: 68
Progress: 74
Progress: 80
copy error (canceling): /Volumes/machd 1/Users/technoteen/Pictures/.BC.eEHui6: Argument list too long
could not access /Volumes/machd 1/Users/technoteen/Pictures/.BC.eEHui6 - Argument list too long
Progress: 100
/usr/sbin/diskutil info disk0s3 2>&1
'/Volumes/machd' free: 233872.7 MB
'/tmp/DSNetworkRepository/Masters/tmp' free: 25616.7 MB
/bin/rm -f /Volumes/machd/0006_machd_13.09.25_14.33.i386.recovery.dmg 2>&1
/usr/bin/hdiutil create -format UDZO -puppetstrings -srcdevice disk0s3 /Volumes/machd/0006_machd_13.09.25_14.33.i386.recovery.dmg 2>&1
MESSAGE:Preparing imaging engine…
MESSAGE:Reading whole disk (Apple_HFS : 0)…
Progress: 2
Progress: 22
Progress: 30
Progress: 38
Progress: 46
Progress: 54
Progress: 61
Progress: 69
Progress: 76
Progress: 84
Progress: 90
Progress: 100
MESSAGE:   (CRC32 $99FC3D98: whole disk (Apple_HFS : 0))
MESSAGE:Adding resources…
MESSAGE:Elapsed Time: 18.796s
MESSAGE:File size: 461123297 bytes, Checksum: CRC32 $C9EEA84E
MESSAGE:Sectors processed: 1269536, 952857 compressed
MESSAGE:Speed: 24.8Mbytes/sec
MESSAGE:Savings: 29.1%
created: /Volumes/machd/0006_machd_13.09.25_14.33.i386.recovery.dmg
/usr/sbin/asr imagescan --source /Volumes/machd/0006_machd_13.09.25_14.33.i386.recovery.dmg 2>&1
Block checksum: ....10....20....30....40....50....60....70....80....90....100asr: successfully scanned image "/Volumes/machd/0006_machd_13.09.25_14.33.i386.recovery.dmg"
/bin/cp -X /Volumes/machd/0006_machd_13.09.25_14.33.i386.recovery.dmg /tmp/DSNetworkRepository/Masters/tmp/0006_machd_13.09.25_14.33.i386.recovery.dmg 2>&1
/bin/rm -f /Volumes/machd/0006_machd_13.09.25_14.33.i386.recovery.dmg 2>&1
Recovery partition image action completed.
-> Image action completed.
Imaging failure (elapsed time: 39.10 minutes)
Umounting repository share point...
/sbin/umount -f /tmp/DSNetworkRepository 2>&1
/bin/rmdir /tmp/DSNetworkRepository 2>&1


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