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#1 2010-02-04 23:22:49

Registered: 2010-02-04

10.6.2 /.Trashes Ownership

I just wanted to report a potential bug in the handling of the /.Trashes directory when creating a new image in 10.6.2.  It appears that the owner of the /.Trashes directory is not being properly updated prior to being converted to a .dmg.  If I view the image as it is being created as a temporary device in /Volumes, the ./Trashes is being assigned the owner and group of the user creating the image instead of maintaining the owner and group settings of the master.

I can manually change this during the image creation with chown; however, it might be something worth considering adding as a check before converting to the .dmg file.  The correct owner/group appears to be root:staff.  If this not set on a newly imaged system, the owner/group appear as _unkown/_uknown unless the user/group you created the image also exist within the image you are creating.

The downside to this not being set is a log file full of notifyd EV_DELETE failed errors.  I haven't seen other problems, but if you like to keep a fairly useful system.log, it's worth the effort.


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#2 2010-02-05 10:50:32

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Re: 10.6.2 /.Trashes Ownership

The whole disk image creation is delegated to hdiutil.
To get rid of this you can:
- create the disk image using netboot
- append a generic task to your workflow to fix the /.Trashes folder ownership or just delete it.


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