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#1 2009-08-17 09:22:37

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Rename computer and join domain: Need help

Hi everyone,

I currently use DS Version 1.0rc13 (090809) and everything work very well for us. I want to ask some one here about the "rename computer" procedure as when i set up a work flow to auto rename computer and join it to the domain, i figure out that the hostname on Mac is not changed at all. The Computer Name and the Rendezvous Name are changed but not the hostname and every mac use the same hostname on the network.

This lead us to problem that after a while, on some mac, user can not use their domain account to log in into the mac even though the Mac indicated that the "Network Account Available". We then have to unbind and manual bind it to the domain before it can work again.

I suppose that DS should change both the hostname and computer name on the mac at the same time when we check on the "Rename" in Configure Task. I am not script guru so my knowledge is limited here. Am i miss something or is there any body here have the same problem like me?


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